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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How to change administrator email and Password in WordPress?

How to change administrator email and Password in WordPress?

In WordPress, administrator is having all control activity of your website such as user management,
content management, template management, settings management etc. sometime we need to
change the administrator email and password of the WordPress website. Generally we can change
the administrator in two methods are, changing the administrator user name and password using C-
panel and using user management system. When you are buying a web hosting the hosting provider
always provides C-Panel. It is very simple method. At while buying cheap hosting we have to go for
user management system. So that in this article we are going to learn about how to change the
administrator name. let’s begin.'

Step1: Login to your WordPress admin panel. => Go to user here you can see the current user who
are all associated with your site. Other than current admin you see a delete option. => then select
the add user => then it will go to user info data.

Step2: Add the user information such as user name, nick name, email id and generate new

Step3: Save it. Now you see two number of user on your WordPress website.

Step4: Now Logout from current user name and login from new user which you have added in your

Step5: Go to user section => here when you are hovering on the existing user, there you can see a
delete option. Delete the user name and their data. While deleting, you will get an option to transfer
user content from existing to new. Then change all the date from old user to new user.

Step6: Delete the user. Now the delete user cannot be no longer on your site
Note: You can add new user by registering on your side, you can provide the full access to user
including admin control using user management WordPress plugin.
Change user name and password using Cpanel

C panel is a control panel of any website, here you add or delete website files, themes, large files etc.
Also C-panel is having access to the WordPress database. In your WordPress database, your
username and password will be registered automatically.