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TET தேர்வுக்கு எந்த புத்தகங்களை படிப்பது?

Best Reference books for TET Exam Paper1 & Paper 2 Tips
                                 Best Reference Books For TET Exam      

                 As far as TNTET is concerned Paper1 and Paper2 are comprised of so many subjects, the reference process can be broken down in several stages. Obviously first stage is to make a choice of subject and work accordingly. Here’s some tips regarding reference books for TET.

Referencing is a way of acknowledging the books, published materials in order to gain additional support for our preparation. Correct referencing is the cornerstone of all academic work. Many of us are unsure about how and when to reference and how to get the balance right between adhering to the details gained using their own ideas.
                             “There is no friends as loyal as a book”
                                                           --- Ernest Hemingway

                                    “A good book has no ending”
                                                                --- R.D.Cumming
Similarly lets aim to seek some insight in the process of using good reference books for TET through this article. 


·        Child Development and Pedagogy (30 Marks):
                                    This topic focus on Educational Psychology of teaching and learning relevant to age group of 6-11 years.

            “Psychology Of Learning and Human Development”
                  By Prof.K.Nagarajan & Prof.Srinivasan (by Ram Publishers)

The above mentioned book is what we all depend on, but during hearing session of cases filed in Hon.High court, the experts (Question Setters) gave their opinion, justified their arguments from books like..

          “Education Psychology” --- Yogendra Sharma

          “Learning Child” --- (author name was not mentioned in judgement)

So if possible we can go through them for best results..

·        Language 1 (30 Marks):

    This topic focus on the proficiencies related to the medium of instruction. Its nothing but our mother tongue, Tamil. As far as Tamil is concerned, Paper1 people need to be clear on TN government text books (samacheer kalvi) of classes from 1st to 5th also on difficulty level of 6th to 8th.

·        Language 2 (30 Marks):
                              This topic focus on the elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities. We can go through TN government text books of classes from 1st to 5thand as well as 6th to 8th for level of difficulty. Apart from these books, we can rely on some other books for efficiency in grammar and other skills.

                   “High School English Grammar & Comprehension”
                                                        By Wren and Martin

·        Mathematics and E.V.S (30 Marks):
                        This topic will focus on the concepts, problem solving abilities and pedagogical understanding of these subjects respectively. We can rely on prescribed syllabus of state government text books of samacheer kalvi from 1st to 5thand 6th to 8th as well for better outcome..
                                                PAPER - 2

·        Child Development & Pedagogy (30 Marks):
                                Here in this topic we will be focusing on Educational Psychology of teaching and learning, relevant to age group of 11 to 14 years. Its more than enough if we go through,
             “Psychology of learning and  Human development”
                        By Prof.K. Nagarajan & Prof.Srinivasan (By Ram Publishers)

During the hearing session of various cases filed in Hon.Highcourt, the experts (Question Setters) made use of some other books which we might not be knowing. But its up to us to go through them..

             “Advanced Educational Psychology” --- R.N.Sharma
             “Essentials of Educational Psychology” --- S.K.Mangal

             “Psychology of learning” --- Dr.Manivannan

             “Educational Psychology” --- Hans Raj Bhatia

·        Language 1 (30 Marks):
                   As far as Tamil is concerned, we are supposed to cover from 6th to 10th and difficulty level of 11th 7 12th. We can follow state government text books of samacheer kalvi. In all the TET exams which has been conducted before, all the questions are from above books only. So better to refer them, here ‘refer’ means Scanning each and every line of those books literally..

·        Language 2 (30 Marks):
                  In this topic we will focus on the elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities. We should make sure that we go through state government text books of classes from 6th to 10thas well as 11th and 12th in order to meet the level of difficulty. Besides these books, to acquire extra grammar knowledge its better to follow,
                          “High School English Grammar & Comprehension”
                                         By Wren and Martin

It is fact that our experts (Question Setters) use this book  90% for grammatical questions. For all English grammar related question in court hearing session, they submitted this book only as the evidence, since it is universally accepted.

·        Mathematics & Sciencs / Social Science (60 Marks):
                                 In Maths and Science part, there will be 30 questions from Mathematics and 30 questions from Science which includes sub divisions like Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology respectively.. In order to excel in maths, we must start right from 6th to 8th and also 9th& 10th for level of difficulty. If we go through previous year question paper, there were theoretical questions from maths too!!!! So we are supposed to know not only mathematical operations but also mathematical facts in all aspects. Obviously we should master government samacheer kalvi text books by all means!! As far as Sciencs is concerned, same text books can be followed. We should take care of level of difficulty part, since previous year most questions were from linkage topics from lower level to higher level.

·        Social Science (60 Marks):
                      This topic will focus on social studies which includes Historu\y, Geography, Civics & Economics. Asusual better to go through TN government text books from 6th to 10th and linkage relating to higher secondary level.. Even the experts made use of government books alone. Obviously it will be better for us to follow what the question setters have followed, for better outcome..

         Referencing appropriate books and study materials is the most perfect tool for our success in all competitive exams. The final result of our hardwork is largely defined by the efforts we put in reference in the initial stages. There is more than just internet!!! Books,  Study Aids can provide great reference which you just won’t find on net!!!!!!!!!!!!

          “Read the best books first,
           Or you may not have a chance to read them at all”
              --- Henry David Thoreau

The above quote may be for “Books”  but we may take it granted for our reference books,  having efficient reference, organized and plentiful is a great way to ensure our fruit of success………

                                “Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader”
                                                                 ---- W.Fusselman

Don’t ever hesitate to read, for reading never gets destroyed or vanished.. Let’s read today to become a efficient leader which will mould us to a passionate teacher in near future with flying colours!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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